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A Co-occurring disorder is clinically defined as the presence of both a mental health diagnosis and a substance use disorder.  Individuals with untreated mental illness are more likely to suffer with a substance use disorder.  

Our Co-Occurring Wellness program is perfect for individuals who have recently been discharged from either an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) or from a residential treatment facility.  It is also ideal for individuals who have mild co-occurring disorders that do not want or cannot commit to the parameters of an Intensive Outpatient or Inpatient Program.  

Our Co-Occurring Program requires a 6 month dedication and consists of both individual and group therapy. 

3 Wellness Phases

1st Phase- 90 days
Weekly individual sessions
Weekly Substance Abuse Group therapy sessions
Connection to a Community Support Group

2nd Phase- 60 days
Weekly Individual Therapy Sessions
Optional Attendance to Substance Abuse Group Sessions
Maintenance of connection to Community Support Group

3rd Phase- 30 days
Bi weekly Individual Therapy Sessions
Optional Substance Abuse Group Sessions
Maintenance of Comminity Support Group

Clients who successfully complete all phases of this program are invited to participate in our annual wellness celebration.

During this six month program, the therapist, clinical director and group facilitator have monthly meetings to assess progress and determine if a higher level of care is recommended.


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